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21Feb, 2019

6 Tips to know if your hosting is helping your business or holding it back


The customer has to purchase a domain name and a web hosting plan to come online and establish his identity. Nowadays, the number of hosting companies is increasing by thousands. They are trying to make web hosting look like a product that anyone can buy from the market.

Before, there was a lot of confusion when it comes to what is the most efficient web hosting for your project. However now, it is becoming very difficult for customers to differentiate a hosting company from another. There are several choices with different options and prices.

In fact, it is really a huge mistake to think this way or to ignore the importance of choosing the appropriate web hosting. Customers usually compare hosting packages prices with others, before purchasing, then they choose the cheapest one. Well it is not always the right decision, because it is difficult to find an efficient web hosting at a low cost. It is important to take this reality into consideration because people should understand that a reliable web hosting will not cost a fortune, so they can find a trustworthy, affordable and high quality one at the same time.

Some customers stick with the same hosting company because their hosting plan helped them to progress, others have negative reviews and feedbacks because they are always dissatisfied. Take a look at these facts that help you to know if your web hosting ensures your business success or failure!


1- Load time:

Load time or load speed is the time at which the entire content of a web page is loaded and displayed. You can measure and analyze your page speed via many websites dedicated for that such as GTmetrix.
Load time is an important factor to be considered because nobody likes slow websites, visitors hate waiting for a page to load. Faster websites load keeps your bottom line profits high!

Commonly, users leave a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. This harms the audience of your website. Visitors dissatisfaction with a page that is too long to load significantly increases the bounce rate which impacts your Google ranking.
Load time standards are significant especially for mobile users. According to our latest data, 50% of global web traffic comes from mobile devices. Mobile users are more impatient and expect a very fast loading of your website.
Website speed optimizer (CDN) pricing varies according to the web hosting you choose, your website and your requirements. (ex : CDN)
However, you can upgrade to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) so your load speed will be automatically improved.
Besides load speed, there are many factors involved while developing new pages for your website; have a SEO-friendly code, organize your content, compress your images, lighten the script, provide backlinks...


2- Noisy neighbor syndrome:

In web hosting, noisy neighbor syndrome is an issue where several customers use the same server resources so it can effectively affect web hosting, storage, databases, networks, servers and degrades the performance.
This becomes a major concern, they can be using all the processing power, sending email blasts or running a lot of RAM. Whatever they are doing, the problem is that they are causing server hog which has a negative impact on its performance.
One way to avoid server overload is to use Cloudlinux which provides higher uptime and gives your hosting provider the ability to adjust the resources of each account individually and ensure server stability and security.
The neighbors can be noisy as they like, you will not be disturbed!


3- IP Reputation:

IP reputation is used to tell if a certain IP address is sending spam or hosting malware. If the owner does not stop spam from originating, he can get a reputation for this behavior and as a result his IP address gets blacklisted.
Sometimes, other customers are on the same server, they may be running insecure applications or malicious software. It is usually done unintentionally or by misunderstanding.
For instance, hackers frequently upload malware to websites especially poorly protected ones. It can be by sending an out-of-date contact form exploited to send spam or by sending phishing emails.
One more example is the out-of-date content management system (CMS), such as the famous WordPress, Joomla or Drupal… These CMSs make updates very frequently and regularly and one of the main functions of these updates is to secure the websites. However, many website owners are unaware that these updates make the website more efficient and mainly secure because they plug security problems.
In order not to risk missing an update, opt for hosting that automates CMS updates (another factor to consider before choosing your hosting solution).
To return to the IP reputation, some web hosting companies provide it at an extra cost, others protect it for free, just to ensure security and safety for their customers. It depends on your hosting provider.
Your IP reputation matters! Always check that yours is good!


4- Performance:

Do you want to improve your performance during peak times or busy periods?
If you are hosted on a shared server, the resources such as the processor and the RAM, are imposed by your web hosting company. As a result, this limits the performance of your website and those of your visitors.
If you are looking for something more powerful than a basic shared plan, now may be the time to get a VPS plan!

Without breaking the bank, you can have a VPS plan which provides greater control over your hosting.

It gives you your own private virtual server which is highly scalable as needed. You can have full access to your server and change your resources allocation whenever you want.
Unexpected traffic, peak times or busy periods, you don’t need to worry about these issues. If you are looking for something more powerful than a basic shared plan, it’s may be the right time to get a VPS plan! Notice also that there are some extra costs for a control panel license or a managed server service.


5- Non-standard software:

In some situations, you may be required to run a software which is not permitted on your hosting company or to use the latest version of a software which is not already available. For instance, the shopping cart software you need requires the latest version of PHP but it is not provided by your hosting company.


6-SSL Certificate:

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security technology used to establish encrypted communication between a web server and a browser. It guarantees the security of all transactions between the Web server and browsers (clients).
To simplify, this is the option that allows you to access the HTTPS protocol.
Using SSL Certificate makes you win the trust of your visitors, they are ensured that your website is valid and trusted. This is the guarantee of absolute trust between the user and your website. It also boosts your SEO, secured websites get the ranking advantage on search engines, because Google appreciates websites with high level of security. This can be a competitive weapon and a good way to gain market share.



Choosing the right web hosting plan is a critical decision. Web hosting is not a product, there are important factors that you must consider such as load speed, noisy neighbors, IP reputation, slow performance and non-standard software, in order to evaluate your specific requirements and choose the right web hosting plan properly.


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