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21Feb, 2019

5 Advantages of WordPress dedicated hosting

Most people who read this article do not need a reminder that WordPress is the easiest and the most accessible web application to deploy a website. Many of you use it only to create customers’ websites. We have noted this from our experience of more than 10 years in web hosting. More than 7 years ago, we were one of the first web hosting companies to launch a platform dedicated to WordPress websites.


1. Automatic update:

Some of you do not have time to update one or more WordPress websites, that’s why WordPress is continuously evolving with automatic updates on a regular basis to keep your website up to date. Security patches are critical, and occur quite often. With our WordPress hosting platform, we do this automatically for you.


2. Your website acceleration:

As it is usually about a high traffic blog, the speed of page display may be very important for some websites. The CDN service of VipDomaine speeds up the loading time of pages by up to 720%.
This premium service is not offered by other web hosting companies and sometimes you can find it at a very high price, not to mention the difficulties to implement this system at some suppliers.


3. Extra layer of security:

It must be said that WordPress is also a very vulnerable application. Everyone knows the code, knows the flaws, takes no security measures, downloads vulnerable plugins, and so on. VipDomaine has set up professional ways to avoid these problems, help you save time and block fraudulent attempts to harm your website; Firewall, anti-virus, vulnerability scan, network filtering and ips, mod security... a powerful shield to protect you at all times.


4.Automatic backup:

In case of need, a daily automatic backup is available to restore with a simple click. What could be more reassuring?


5. Assistance and advice:

Our experts ensure the proper functioning of your WordPress, and they are available on the VipClub to help you, advise and even intervene, if needed, on website or remotely on your machine to ensure that your WordPress project will remain successful.



These few features of optimized WordPress hosting give you a clearer idea about time saving and the opportunity to focus on developing the audience of your website much more than playing the webmaster.




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