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5Feb, 2019
install WordPress

3 minutes to install WordPress!


WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms for good reason. It is easy to install and has an attractive and user-friendly interface.


How to install WordPress on your hosting server?

It may seem rather complicated but it’s really quite simple!
This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to install your WordPress and publish your website in a few minutes.
You should first access to the control panel "cPanel" provided with your VipDomaine hosting package.
To do this, please enter your domain name in the address bar of your browser followed by /cpanel Ex:


WordPress Installation:



If the WordPress icon is not displayed directly, click on SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER then WordPress




Once on this page, please click on Install Now


install WordPress


Software Installation

In the first section, you can leave them by default.
Otherwise you can install an earlier version, change the protocol, change the domain or the location on which you want to install WordPress.
If you do not want it to be subdirectory leave the box "in the folder" blank, and your site will be installed directly into the root directory of your domain.


Software Setup



Choose the name and the description of your website.
Make sure that they reflect the content and the theme of your website and choose the right keywords.
Enable the multisite option if you want to create a multisite network, or a collection of websites that all share the same WordPress installation.
More details


Site Settings


Admin Account

Then, fill in the admin account fields correctly, it is strongly recommended to modify the username (default admin) and to generate a secure password.


Admin Account


Language and Select Plugin (s)

Choose the language of your WordPress and limit, if you wish, the login attempts to your WordPress installer for security reasons.


Language and Select Plugin


Advanced Options

You can enable or disable auto WordPress upgrade or perform auto backup of your website.


Advanced Options


Select Theme

Then, choose the right theme for you.


Select Theme

Once the configuration is done, click on « Installation » at the bottom of the page.



Wait for SOFTACULOUS to complete data verification.




Finally, your WordPress CMS is installed.

If you do not already have a hosting package




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