I had problems with several web hosts. What sets you apart from the competition ?
- We are web hosting which offers 100% network availability
- The shared CDN function on +75 servers (the largest CDN network in the world), your site is 200% faster than on any website hosting.
- With us your site is not hosted only in France, Canada or the USA, It is everywhere at once and it is the most perfect for SEO on Google.
- Our technology allows complete isolation of your web hosting. It's like you have a private virtual server (VPS). This avoids any overhead of the clients that share your server and allows you to modulate the power of the machine, depending on the package.
- We use an impressive bouquet of proven techniques And automated to protect your web site from security issues. You do not feel anything, you focus on communication and sales.
- Depending on your site, Your pages will continue to display to your visitors even if your server is unplugged from the power supply.
- Discover what makes Vip Domain the web host of exception with respect to the competition And the strengths of our website hosting service More details
Can I host multiple websites on the same hosting space ?
Yes. You can host multiple websites and manage them from the same control panel. Simply add the new domain names from your cPanel as "Additional domains" and allocate them the different management parameters (login, password, folder)
I have a domain name reserved for a competitor, can I still enjoy your offers of accommodation ?
Perfectly. It is entirely possible for you to order a hosting solution, a website builder or a pro mail account. Simply point your domain name to our servers, thanks to the parameters that we will inform you when creating your account. In the majority of cases, you can apply these settings instantly to your domain from the interface that your registrar has communicated to you or simply ask you to do so for you.
I already have a website at another host, do you offer assistance to migrate it to VipDomaine?
Yes, all you have to do is fill in the technical support form from your Hub Client and our agents will do everything possible to transfer your data quickly on our servers.
I'm a novice, is it complicated to use your hosting and domain management interface ?
We offer the "cPanel" control panel, the most widely used, simplest and most complete and powerful panel in the world. You will not find any problems managing your site and you will probably adopt it for all your future projects, as it goes far beyond the panels of the competitors in all points of view.
How long does it take to activate my service and publish my site?
The hosting services are activated instantly after validation of your payment. You can publish your site a few minutes after finalizing your order.
What is the "CUSTOM" website hosting solution?
Vip Domaine is a web host dedicated to offering adapted solutions and cheap sohting to all. The CUSTOM Web site hosting solution allows you to significantly reduce the price for sites that do not require too many resources and options. The Custom website hosting can also be used to modulate the options, according to customer's needs.
What granite of satisfaction you offer to your clients for web hosting?
You will be able to get a refund if you are not satisfied within seven days of bringing the service online.
What is a website hosting?

Website hosting

It is a service that allows to put online the pages of your site. This also allows you to benefit from personalized e-mail addresses and to manage other functions as the marketing aspect thanks to the statistics included.

Web hosting

Vip Domaine Is a specialized web host of what we call the high performance of web hosting. More details.


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