In February 2012, the multinational corporation Walmart carried out an analysis to understand how website performance has an impact on e-commerce conversion rate. The website made 7.7 billion dollars in sales, reached billions of visited pages requests... This study proved a striking relation between loading time and conversion rate. As the graphic below indicates, there is a significant decrease in conversion rates that are based on a loading time between 1 and 4 seconds. Our CDN hides your static content permanently, accelerates the dynamic content and optimizes the outgoing content. Beyond an inefficient and expensive classic CDN, ours not only connects visitors to your website content but also optimizes your content depending on the browser and the terminal you use. Once our CDN is set up on your website, its web traffic is cleverly routed on our network. We automatically optimize your web pages delivery to visitors by reducing as much as possible the loading time. We also block web threats and bad bots which tend to overuse your bandwidth and hosting server resources. This results a significant performance improvement as well as spam and attacks decrease.





The CDN of VipDomaine (Content Delivery Network) is a distributed domain name server service which tends to significantly improve performance, security, and speed of websites.


Even if your original server is offline accidentally or for maintenance operations, your website continues to be displayed to visitors.


Protect your website from several online threats including spammers,SQL injections and DDOS attacks.


Web pages with ad servers and third-party widgets are automatically and dynamically loaded on computers and mobiles.


6X Faster Via CDN
40% Exit A Page For More Than 5s
Up To 55% New Visitors

47%   Visitors expect that a web page loads for two seconds at least.

7% /s  A one-second delay for a page loading may lead to 7% client conversion loss

6x  Improvement of page loading time

35%  Performance and security gain with CDN

10x   Improvement of overall response time

85%  Less bandwidth usage

100%  Availibility of static pages

65%  Less usage of server memory and processor resources.

Alleviate DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks disturb normal commercial operations by affecting the performance as well as websites, applications uptime, and unplugging them sometimes. The average cost of the downtime caused by infrastructure failure is 100000$ per hour. Protect web applications and API of malicious traffic targeting network layers, in order to maintain uptime and performance while limiting operating expenses.
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Protection contre les attaques DDoS
Protection contre les robots malveillants

Block malicious bots

Prevent robots from excessive usage and abuse across websites, applications and API. Malicious bots abuses increase in frequency, sophistication and customer impact. Including content scraping, the most common types of abuse are fraudulent extraction and account hacking. Impacted companies may suffer a loss of customers, a fall in revenues, an increase in operating expenses, damaged brand reputation and spoiled marketing expenses.
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